February 4


“This doesn’t belong on LinkedIn — take it to Facebook”.

So that I did, I left it on LI too, though.

And put it here, too.

How often have you seen that?

Too often, I reckon.

Harsh reality: the only people who decide what any individual posts on LinkedIn are the individuals concerned, and the owners of LinkedIn.

The blustering opinions of silly, fatuous, and inane busybodies are both none of anyone else’s business and irrelevant.

The answer to not being offended by posts on LinkedIn — or anything else — is to live by five simple words…

Mind your own fucking business.

Don’t like someone’s posts?

Then don’t read them.

Don’t like someone’s videos?

Then don’t watch them.

Don’t like someone’s opinions?

Then don’t listen to them.

No one can offend you without your consent and complicity.

And venturing an unsolicited opinion runs the risk of you being made painfully aware of how unimportant it is.

The sooner you understand and embrace this the happier and more successful you’ll be.

This is the philosophy by which I live my life and run my business.

If it’s not to your taste, move on.

But if it is, and you have the spine to do things differently book your audit below and we’ll arrange a time to talk about growing your business.



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