Please watch this video BEFORE you join me for your Intensive Therapy Session

This video is IMPORTANT


We have an Intensive Therapy Session booked in the near future.

And before we speak I need you to watch this video and do some soul-searching...

If you haven't watched it when we speak, then I'll ask you to reschedule your call so you can (and it'll be obvious if you haven't, so don't try to pull the wool over these old baby-blues of mine.

Once you've done that...

 I strongly suggest you also speak to some of my existing members (this is optional).

Ask them anything you like — they won't be telling tales, I've not "coached" them, and I won't be asking them what you said).

You can (and should) get hold of them here:

OK, that's it... and I'll speak to you on the call.



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