April 17


Got the best testimonial ever yesterday.

It slipped into my WhatsApp like a great weasel sliding down a wet drainpipe.

It went:

Just added 40.7% to the hourly rate for a new firm. 20 mins on the phone and he’s got my dick tickling his tonsils. 

I love you, Jon.

Beats the arse off those long, rambling and terribly, terribly professional testimonials everyone else seems to get, eh?

We went back and forth a bit, then he said:

Biggest change I’ve noticed is the positioning, mate. Not even so much the end price but how I deliver it. Used to almost stumble over myself when speaking and get tongue tied where I’d be constantly thinking “Yessssssssss… new client yesssssss”. 

Now we’re getting more in I’m not even arsed anymore if they take us or not but thats ironically making them want us!

… Sold himself after 10 mins on then phone… 

…1pm the call was and by 2:30 the deal was done.

I’d like to say I’m surprised, but I’m not. 

Not. Even. Slightly.

Au contraire… this is exactly how I told him it’d work when I started working with him. 

Now, if you’re sitting there thinking I’m cherry-picking results from an unusual or “special” niche industry, you’d be wrong.

This guy’s in construction a notoriously price-conscious business where “everyone knows everyone buys on price”. His biz is as mundane and ordinary as it gets.

And so…

… “everyone” can go fuck himself with a dried cactus, because obviously doing The EBG way means it’s both simple and easy to reject limitations, defy industry norms, and write your own ticket.

Bit of perspective for ya…

On a 35% markup, increasing your prices by just 10% increases profits by 38.6%.

If you increase your prices by 40.7% on the same markup, you increase your profits by 156.99%.

All that… 

… for NO extra work.

Best of all?

If my shit works in construction, one of the most commoditised industries out there, it’ll work anywhere.

Kitchens, flooring, bathrooms, bedrooms, home-improvements, website design, copywriting…

… you name it, I can make it work for you.

Man… imagine your £12,000 kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom with its £3,000 profit selling for £17,000 with an extra £5,000 in yer pocket for no extra work (just a better way of presenting and positioning yourself).

Next step?

Message me here and we’ll talk (quite frankly, if you’re looking to grow your profits to crazybonkers levels, you’d be a bit of a muppet not to talk to me — pricing and positioning are my “thing”. I doubt you’ll find my equal anywhere).

’S’up to you, Bubba.

Message me.. or don’t.

Your biz… your profits (or lack thereof).

Makes no odds to me.


P.S. You’re probably looking for some sign theres’ a sneaky catch or other duplicitous bullshit to show this was a one-off, some special set of circumstances we won’t see come around again for a bazillion years.


Look… anyone could put these EBG skills to work in their biz tomorrow and get pretty much the same results.

It’s THAT simple and easy…

… when you know how.

And if you want to know how (and you do, trust me), then the next step is to message me here and arrange a time to talk.

It’ll be the best 15 minutes you invest in your business this year (or any other, for that matter).


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