April 19


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Because I just increased a client's profits for him by 156.99% with no extra work (well, a little bit o' learning and doing a few things differently and less comfortably for a while).

The good news?

I can do the same for you, too.

Better news?

He's in such a commoditised business "everyone knows" selling at a premium is "impossible".


But people who say that don't know me or the (legal, ethical, moral, and entirely above-board) methods I teach to and use with clients.

BEST news?

Because my shit DOES work with even such commoditised businesses, it's almost certain to work in YOURS.

Only way to find out is to message me here me and we'll have a 15-minute brainstorming session to see the lie of the land, an' all that shit (and there's no pitch).

Worst case?I tell you "No" because I can't or don't want to help you.

Best case?

Use your imagination.

And add me on Facebook if you REALLY want to get to know me (an acquired taste)


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