February 9


Question: why do your customers and clients buy from you?

Answer: to solve a problem and ease pain.

No one ever buys anything except to solve a problem.

And more often than not we pay someone else for the solution to our problems because we don’t have the skills, time, energy, or wherewithal to do it ourselves.

Now, I’d hope you’re an expert in your field. And when it comes to solving YOUR customers’ and clients’ problems you should be the “trusted adviser” and NOT the “hired help”.

Bearing in mind you’ll always get the customers and clients you attract (and therefore DESERVE), and you voluntarily put up with their behaviour (and therefore CONDONE it), how they view you is down to YOU.

They’ll see you as one or the other and treat and PAY you accordingly.

People ALWAYS treat you how you allow them too.

Is it fair?

Probably not.

But life isn’t fair.

You don’t get to choose the options here, but you DO get to choose which one you exercise.

So if you want to talk to me about growing your business (and you really SHOULD), then you can click below.


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