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But, first, let's set some rules just to save everyone's time.

Do NOT message us about...

  • Us having a "chat". I especially don't want you to send me your number with an enigmatic request to "call me". I need to know far more about you and your business before I even think about talking to you over the phone or on Zoom.
  • Our prices. We can't know what our fees will be until we've looked in depth at your business, because we can't know what's entailed. That's why we go through a process of discovery before we even think about taking clients on.
  • Discounts. We don't cut our prices. Ever. Our answer to the question "is there something you can do about the price?" is "Yes, we can always increase it". Don't embarrass yourself by asking. 
  • Free advice. I'm pretty sure you don't work for free. We certainly don't. Again, don't embarrass yourself by asking. 
  • Swaps. If we need a butcher, baker, or candlestick maker, we'll engage one and pay a decent fee. We're not interested in exchanging your services for ours.
  • We're not interested in... your SEO services, a new website, or your opinions about anything whatsoever. 

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P.S. You could always take time out of your day to message me to say how arrogant you think I am and offer me some unsolicited advice on how I'd "do better" if I was "nicer".

Hmm.. best you don't, all things considered.