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1. Whom are you selling to?

OK, so, let us begin by asking the simple question everyone in business should ask before they try to sell anything, but which most business owners never ask at all, ever.

And that is...

... whom do I want to sell to?

By answering this question precisely and accurately, you’ll help fire up all three of the Drivers, Attract, Seduce, and Sell, because all nine Accelerators will be fine-tuned with this one ideal client in mind.

Think about it...

... if you know exactly who your ideal client is, you’ll know...

Exactly... what they want

Exactly... what their concerns, worries, and pains are

Exactly... where to find them

Exactly... what to say to them once you’ve found them

And so on...

Obvious when you stop to think about it, eh?

2. What’s the problem?

The one question every prospective client needs answered is this: Why should I come to you instead of going to any of your competitors? And “low price” is not an acceptable answer to that, not if you want a sustainable, scaleable, and profitable business. 

But it’s the default if you don’t give a real reason. 

Which leads me in to the next thing, you’re selling the wrong thing. 

And that's what we're gonna fix in this Part.

3. Your Dingaling

This is the shortest Part of the series but perhaps the hardest one for you to complete.


Because it may well mean radically changing or at least refocusing your business.

See, most businesses have no real focus on what they do. Because they have no reliable, robust, and predictable way of attracting new clients of exactly the right quality and calibre, they’ll typically take whatever work comes along and suffer the consequences.

 And that's what we're going to change, starting now.

4. How to sell your shit

This is where we metaphorically sort the men from the boys. Because this is where we start poking at the much (and wrongly) maligned art of selling.

As someone once said... no one makes any money until someone sells something.

True dat.

5. A cunning plan

This is the fifth and final Workbook in the EBG Business Accelerator. It’s also the one I think you’re going to hate the most.


You'll see... 😈