What if there was a reliable and consistent way to attract high-quality clients on demand and sell to them at above market rates without price-resistance?

Introducing the Grow Your Business FAST Programme

Make more money with less work, less hassle, and fewer headaches by working with better clients, selling at higher prices, and having it all happen reliably and consistently, just like clockwork


Attract exactly the right clients on demand with a clear demonstration of your incontestable worth.


Show them why YOU are the only serious choice wth irresistibly-smooth relationship-building and nurturing.


Lead them predictably through your pipeline to a frictionless and premium sale.

The Rationale

Our desire for you, is for attracting the right clients on demand and selling to them at above market rates to become a superpower in your business — a power capability you can rely on as a driver of future success for your life and business, especially in these unsettled and unpredictable times.

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Well designed client-attraction and -seduction strategies coupled with a robust and effective structured selling system, will:

  • Attract only the best clients to you, and eliminate cold calling, prospecting, and going out cap-in-hand for work.
  • Establish your position as the only sane and rational choice to do the job, regardless of price.
  • Create greater transparency in the sale — so you establish greater client-trust and eliminate price-resistance.
  • Quickly get below the hard-wired, psychological system for price-resistance of your buyer — get straight to their automatic value drivers and sell to their desired outcome.
  • Increase your speed to conversion and your conversion rate — make more sales for less effort, and all at (way) above market rates.
  • Make it easier for everyone in your business to sell — even if they're not in sales
  • Bring an unparalleled level of clarity to your business — get your entire team excited and on the same page.
  • Free up masses of time and effort so you can get off that "mad hamster wheel", stop being the busy fool, and begin working on your business rather than in it.

Can I help you?

I've been in this business a long time an have shared my methods with and mentored hundreds of business owners in every industry you can imagine, and a few you probably can't, including... builders, QSs, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, security system providers, flooring guys, financial planners, hairdressing salon owners, will writers, architects, copywriters, lawyers, accountants, project managers, coaches, dentists, dental-lab supplies businesses, consultants, dog-trainers, retailers of everything from telescopes to coffee machines, social media bods, ISPs, marketing professionals, trainers, healthcare providers, dominatrixes (really), automation systems engineers, physiotherapists, website designers... the list goes on.

Bottom line: if you're struggling to attract the right clients on demand and sell to them at way above market rates, then it's virtually certain I can help you, just like I helped all the guys and gals I just listed.

Massive impact

(don't just take my word for it)

Yes, EBG! I'm interested...

And I'd like to arrange a call with you to learn more.