March 16


I saw a LinkedIn post yesterday from some Social Media type.

She said:

I wanted to show you some stats of a new client I started working with less than two weeks ago.

When you post consistent content on social media you get results. FACT!

I have great feedback from her, too.

Could your business do with some positive stats and more visibility?

And, indeed, it seemed she’d got more “reach”, more “engagement”, and a massive 18 new “likes”.

I said:

How many sales did this bring her?

She said:

I don’t sell, I create engagement. I bring in the eyes, she sells.

I said:

… everything wrong with this industry summed up in one sentence.


… she blocked me (which in this case is the social media equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and singing “la, la, la… not listening”).

This is the fundamental problem with agencies and freelancers these days: they have only have a superficial grasp of marketing and its underlying principles.

Any alleged marketing professional who sells this bollocks to clients should be taken out and shot, buried in a shallow grave, dug up a week later, shot again just to be sure, and then fed to the pigs. 


Because they’re incompetent. 

Clients trust them — us — to help them grow their businesses and make them more profitable. Unless we take the time and trouble to understand their businesses and help with the selling process end to fucking end we have no business charging anyone for anything more demanding than a blow job.

We’re not taking on new clients right now (well, room for one more if one comes along begging, but we’re not that fussed), but we are gonna be sharing with you how do this shit for yourself, and do it right in the Ground Zero initiative:

Click here for Ground Zero details.


P.S. I had a friend… 

… no really.

He told me men give much better blow jobs than women.

That said… he was a 6ft 4in Trinidadian who had a thing for shorter, older, and stockier white guys.

Aspie I may be, but still figured out what his game was.

Mad, not stupid, y’see?

A digression, that.

Back to business (of the more skilled kind):

Click here for Ground Zero details


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