If you're short of time and working too hard in the business to work on it, find it difficult to attract the top clients in the right numbers, and struggle to sell to them at a decent price when you do get them, but Mentoring feels like it's beyond your reach right now...

... then your day is about to get a LOT better

Because in July we're going to be unveiling our new Foundations Mastermind, an exclusive group dedicated to helping guys and gals in construction just like you jump off the mad hamster-wheel of your business and finally start making the money you deserve, working with the right clients, and selling to them at higher prices than your competitors' without losing sales.


"Yes, EBG, I'm interested" is the only sane answer to that question.

So click the button below, follow the simple on-screen instructions, and we'll get an Info. Pack off to you as we get closer to the time.