May 10


I did something unheard of yesterday...

I went to a commercial gym.

More: I joined a commercial gym.

I have my reasons, and I’ll go into them another day, but the short story is, as the chap told me my body is aesthetically pleasing, but functionally fucked (poor flexibility, range of motion, and mobility — all of which are not conducive to long-term health or longevity).

But what really I want to share with you is the madness ensuing.

Let me explain…

… bloke does his assessment and suggests a 9-session one-on-one “foundational programme” followed by 13 group-sessions and three one-on-one sessions a month.

“Let’s do it”, I said.

So he tells me again why he’s recommending this programme.

“Yes, let’s do it”, I said.

He nods, and then tells me again what the cost is.

“… Uh-huh… let’s do it”, I said, beginning feel the frustration.

He nods again and then tells me he’s keeping the cost as low as he can to make it “financially friendly”.

“YES… LET’S DO IT”, I said through gritted teeth.

Why do business owners do this?

Why do they feel the need to offer discounts, justify and explain their prices, and keep talking when the client has already said they want to buy?

It’s endemic.

And stupid.

And it’s costing you a fortune.

Heads up: I still have TWO places left for mentoring. 

And if you want to get this shit nailed, then this is how to do it.

Among other things, I’ll kick your arse along the road until you’ve got things on a rock-solid base (you get access to and help with all the shit I’ve written, talked, and done events on for the last bazillion years, as well as my weekly personal one-on-one help).

PM me for info.


P.S. Once we’d shook hands on it, I told him he was far too cheap and offered him a copy of my book.

The brief conversation we had was…

… eye opening for him, to say the least.

Fact is, I know my shit, just like he knows his.

And if you want to start getting those top-drawer price-unresisting clients, you know whom to talk to.

Yeah, that’d be me.

PM me and let’s get some serious shot done together.


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