May 7


A year ago today I finally decided to pull the plug on my old Clan EBG, a newsletter/membership group.

This was a big change for me, because it was a huge part of my business and the model it relied upon.

This was especially the case because it was going well and had been outrageously profitable over the years, but…

… frankly, I was tired of it.

After coming up for seven years of writing Dispatches every month, recording the CD, and recording copy- and marketing-critiques and answering questions on the discussion list, I was sick and tired of it.


Mostly because it felt like I was banging my head against the proverbial brick wall — drip-feeding information to a bunch of people who, frankly, rarely did fuck-all with it save say how wonderful they thought it all was.

Some made the best of it, and over time bubbled their way up into my high-end EliteMastermind, exactly as intended.

But most didn’t. 

Most seemed to be in it for shits and grins.

Sure, adulation is nice and great for the ego, but it’s hardly satisfying when you realise most people aren’t doing anything with what you share with them. 

The most common MO was to nod sagely in agreement and then hop onto Google and spend the next fuck-knows-how-long “researching” the same topics I’d been writing about for more (completely unnecessary) information when what they really needed to be focusing on was more doing rather than more knowing.

And while it might sound trite, my work isn’t just about the money. I get a kick out of making a difference in people’s lives and businesses, and helping a few people nibble around the edges of their problems and making incremental steps forward when they could be leaping ahead was frustrating.

So I canned it.

What did I do instead?

I started focusing on people who are not shy of investing a substantial amount of time and money in getting serious shit done, and getting it done fast.

I remember, way back in 2014, at my Ultimate Sales Engine Boot Camp, I made the point how you can't make massive changes in your life and business by just doing incrementally more of the same stuff you’re doing already.

All other things being equal, doubling your already frustratingly high and ineffective workload will, at best, double your results.

Nice to have, but a fuckton of work for too little reward if you ask me, especially as there are some fairly simple ways to have a much more profound effect on your profits.

Because that’s what I do: I aim to give my clients at least a tenfold increase in profits (and it’s surprisingly easy IF and ONLY IF they do the fucking work EXACTLY the way I tell them to do it).

In short, radical changes require radically different approaches.

You can’t expect radically different results by nibbling around the edges of your problem, and the same kind of thinking and actions responsible for getting you where you are right now are highly unlikely to take you much further.

That’s why you’re struggling.

And This radical and exponential increase in profits is exactly what I'm helping my clients with right now.


You should be.

And if you are, then you should be dribbling at the gusset to discover I’m looking for THREE more mentoring clients to work with over the next few months.

If you want to know more, message me and we’ll arrange a time to talk.


P.S. It’s not prohibitively expensive, but neither is it cheap.

And while it’s all very simple, it ain’t easy.

There’s no minimum period you have to work with me and if you get “in” only to find it’s not moistening your gusset, then you can bail out whenever you like; that said, unless there is a problem we can’t resolve, I expect you to make commit to giving it at least three months before you throw in the towel.

I say this because while some of the shit I share with you and get you doing works (literally) overnight, other stuff takes more work, more thinking, more spine, and more time.

I don’t want to work with anyone who’s not determined and committed.

So if you’re just tyre-kicking, or the type to hop from one Bright Shiny Thing to another at the drop of a toupee…

… please don’t waste your time or mine.

Still with me?

Cool. Message me and we’ll take it from there.


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