February 27


This rare tip from me could quite possibly change your life and business (for the better).

Sure, it’s tactical, but it’s deep, powerful, and great fun.

Hint: if you ever get irritating cockwombles who smile that shit-eating grin and say, “I just want to pick your brain” — asking and expecting you to work for free, in effect — this is gonna make your day.

It takes courage to do it, so I confidently predict almost no one will do it (which means if YOU will, then you're already streets ahead of your yellow and spineless competition).

Watch the video, take 20 minutes to plug it into your business, then hit the link below get more info about this and the other stuff we're sharing in the Ground Zero initiative (because we’re gonna use this kind of simple but powerful shit to save the High Street. No pressure, then).

Here’s the link for Ground Zero:



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