March 24


A short one today (cuz I’m knackered and didn’t make it out to the Cave until late afternoon);

A quote I saw the other day:

The only way to win is not to play. Channel your inner zen monk and tune it out. Let people talk about you. 

Who cares? 

Your path leads up and onward; petty office drama has nothing to do with you (or your glorious future)

In other words…

… others’ pissing and moaning, their negative comments and back-biting has the power to hurt you only if you give it that power by engaging with it.

Chavs, peasants, and commoners have lots to say, but precious little of substance to convey.

I refuse to play their games or by their rules. 

Let the pissers piss, the moaners moan, the whingers whinge, and the whiners whine.

Cut we have a High Street to save and bigger fish to fry.

And we can’t do that if we let the small-minded carping of insignificant shitstains on the gusset of humanity get in our way.

Your choice?

To join us or not.

Click here for Ground Zero details


P.S. If you’ve a yen to work with us one-on-one, then you’d do well to get your skates on.

For we have room for just one more before we close yon doors while we focus on Ground Zero.

And when we open them again?

We’ll have doubled our fees (at least).

If you’d like to learn more and apply for the last place in our Private Client list, just message me here we’ll arrange a time to talk.


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