May 8


Saw a post on LinkedIN yesterday.

It was a lady complaining about how “nasty” Facebook have been to her.

See, she posted a video from her account and it violated someone else’s copyright.

They complained, and Facebook shitcanned her account entirely in line with the Terms and Conditions she’d agreed to when she opened it.

No big deal, eh? 


Alas, it was (but shouldn’t have been).


Because her contacts, messages over Messenger, and pics, and videos were her business.

She connected and communicated with and sold to her market solely by means of Facebook.

She had no backups, no email list, no database of snail-mail addresses, and NO way of getting any of it back (she hadn’t even bothered to download all her data from Facebook).

And then, in a puff of copyright violation…

… it’s gone.

And all this is Facebook’s fault, of course.

No, you fucking potato, it’s your fault. Facebook and other free platforms owe you nothing. If your business relies on their continued good will you’re an incompetent business owner.

This disaster could have been foreseen and so easily prevented not doing so is reckless in the extreme.

Is your business on shaky ground and unstable foundations?

I pretty much guarantee it is.

And if you wanna get it fixed, I still have TWO places left for mentoring. 

Among other things, I’ll kick your arse along the road until you’ve got things on a rock-solid base (you get access to and help with all the shit I’ve written, talked, and done events on for the last bazillion years, as well as my weekly personal one-on-one help).

Message me for info.


P.S. Don’t feel smug if you’re using several online platforms, paid or free, and think you’re covered. 

Because you ain’t.

You’re still relying on that single digital connection to the Internet and that can be taken away from you as quickly and easily as your Facebook account.

If you wanna know how to immunise yourself against this, message me and we’ll talk.


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