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Vicki La Bouchardiere

Executive Coach

I work as a coach and also run an accountancy practice with my partner, Kevin. We actually began putting Jon's methods into practice from 2012 when we saw him co-present at Chris Cardell's Gold Mastermind Group and read his book, Grow Your Business FAST and joined what then was his Inner Circle. We embraced his methods around premium pricing and premier positioning, and it completely changed our working experience in terms of less stress and higher profits. We ditched problem clients, raised prices and organised our work to suit our priorities.

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Jon because he's a true expert in his field and has a very honest, no-nonsense approach when helping his clients. If he's trying new strategies and tactics out himself, he lets you know when they work and when they don't.

This is what sets him apart from other experts who tend to only tell you about their successes, and it gives you the confidence to go down a path he suggests when he says it works. Although Jon is very confident in his abilities, he never lets his ego get in the way of telling you the truth.

If you are prepared to put in the hard work and follow his guidance, then Jon's your man. If you want a magic bullet then you're barking up the wrong tree. If you aren't prepared to work to his rules, he'll stop working with you. Having witnessed the success he's achieved with us and other clients, I think you'd be crazy not listen to him and follow his advice. 

Phil Agistino


I met Jon around two years ago now and it's been life-changing.

When I met him I was doing pretty well as a personal trainer but having to work a TON of hours for it, both in the gym AND online. 

With his help, I've managed to do all my coaching online (bar 1-3 hours of PT for people I WANT to train) and I've increased my prices by almost 12x!

I work with people I respect, and they respect me, are hard-working, get results... and above all else are willing to invest well to work with me.

I can't recommend him enough.

Ant Manson

Quantity Surveyor

I’ve worked with Jon since November 2018, and in the 7 or so months it’s tipped my way of thinking and how i approach my consultancy business upside down (for the better).

Jon will make you face the music and hold you accountable if you’re running around like a blue arsed fly. 

It’s uncomfortable and goes against what you "know"... but guess what?


I recommend Jon to any business owner I see going through the same overwhelm and chaos I was facing.

Long may the uncomfortable change continue. 

Thanks Jon!

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