April 6


I bet you’re working for free, even though you probably think you aren’t.



Any time a potential client or customer asks you for anything and you don’t get something in return, no quid pro quo

… you are working for free.

And most business owners save up the quid pro quo for the bit at the end — when they finally make the sale.

This be one motherfucker of a mistake.


Well, to keep it simple, an effective sales process involves you giving value to your prospect before you make the sale.

Make sense?

So, my question is... why should you provide value and get nothing in return?

And the answer is... you shouldn't. 

Because if you do…

… then you’re working for free.

Everything you do to advance the sale should involve quid pro quo

If they want your time, effort, and energy invested in moving them towards solving their problem, then they have to give you something in return.

Because if you don't insist on this, you'll get the chavs, peasants, and commoners for clients. You know — the type of scum-sucking lowlife shitbags who want everything with a deluxe label but at a rock-bottom price.

This is, of course, just another facet of positioning, the one to do with rule-making.

If your rules say you don’t work for free (and they should), then quid pro quo is de rigueur.

And do bear in mind quid pro quo doesn’t have to be money. It can be as simple as a commitment to have another meeting where the final decision maker will be present (and if he or she isn’t then you postpone it). It just has to be something of value to you, something typically moving the sale forward to its conclusion.

Yeah, I know: it’s scary.

It goes against everything you’ve been taught about interacting with customers.

But as Dan Kennedy often says, “People are walking around with an umbilical cord in their hand, looking for somewhere to plug it in”.

And in this case if you’ll make your rules, and then promulgate and enforce them, your customers and clients will fall into line.

Wanna learn how to do this for yourself (and the bigger the purchase, the better it works)?

Then you know what to do.

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Or message me here if you want one-on-one help, and we’ll arrange a time to talk.


P.S. Ya know why I’m in a good mood?

Cuz Mrs EBG gets home from her holiday in Portugal today.

And that means the washing machine and dishwasher will start working again, and I won’t have to make my own sarnies and fetch my own beer.




Anyway… you want help?

You know what to do.

Click here for Ground Zero details

Or message me here if you want one-on-one help, and we’ll arrange a time to talk.


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