March 31


Friday just gone I dusted off ye olde bike and took her out for a spin.

I hadn’t been out since early September so I figured I’d take it nice and easy, right? Just an easy 12 miles to get me back into the swing of things.

What could possibly go wrong?


Well, not for the first six or seven miles…

… and then my blood-sugar crashed.

I don’t know what it’s like for anyone else, but with me the first sign is my eyes — I can’t focus or point them where I want them to point. Then I start to sweat and shake, and feel like I’m drunk… and a few minutes later I feel like I’m trying to cycle through treacle… no energy, no strength, and little coordination.

I felt like I was dying. No shit.

The cure is easy: neck some carbs.

Except… I didn’t have anything with me.

So what did I do?

The only thing I could do: I ground on, focusing on turning those pedals just one more time.

Eventually I made it home.

I inhaled four apples and some bread, showered, and then napped for 40 minutes until my chicken had cooked. After I’d eaten I went upstairs to get dressed, lay down on the bed for a moment and closed my eyes…

… and two hours later I woke up feeling like I’d been run over by a truck.

The moral of the story?

Don't let your enthusiasm shit all over your common sense.

Because I see it ALL the time — business owners are SO eager to get business (often DESPERATE, too) they'll accept low-paying, difficult customers and clients simply because they NEED the work (even though BAD business is worse than no business at all. Trust me — I know this from bitter experience).

Wanna discover the simple way to attract top-drawer, high-ticket clients (so YOU, too, can work your own hours and almost kill yourself on a mad midday cycle ride)?

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Listen… I know the pain of struggling to get decent clients in exquisite detail. 

I KNOW what it’s like working hard to juggle the work of a whole gaggle of ungrateful and demanding clients and all the while know I’m not charging them enough for the value I’m delivering… but feeling too burned out, worn, and frazzled to think I had the time, will, or wherewithal to change anything.

But I was wrong. 

I had ALL the necessary skills, knowledge, and opportunity to improve my lot…

…but until the pain became unbearable the pain of making the necessary changes far outweighed it.

Man, that was a STUPID way to go because I waited far longer than I should have done before fixing it.

My advice to you?

Don’t wait. 

You’ll have to do it someday, and the sooner you do it the happier you’ll be.

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P.S. The most annoying thing about my crashing blood-sugar?

I always cycle fasted and thus with low blood-sugar. 

And I’m fine.


… after a layoff my body needs to adapt again.

And always manage to forget this.

Next time I’ll be taking some dried figs with me.

Just in case.

In the meantime…

… if you want a sudden boost for your local bricks ’n’ mortar biz, you know what to do…

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