Congratulations! You're in!

Welcome, and congratulations!

Connor and I have reviewed your Application and reckon you're a good fit for Main Build Mentoring.

In short...

... you're IN.

Here's what happens next...

  1. First, we'll hop onto Zoom for a short (15 to 20 minute) interview.  It's just to do a sanity check to make sure we get on, and give you the opportunity to ask me any last-minute questions. You can pick your time to talk here.
  2. Then we'll get you set up with the Direct Debit. So make sure you have your bank details to hand (I'll drop the link into the chat on Zoom, so you're probably going to be better off on a PC, laptop, or tablet, rather than your phone).
  3. Finally, once that's done we can get you hooked up to Basecamp. This is the online forum we use for delivery and communication. We'll get you set up at the end of the call so you can join us the next morning for the Ops Call and hit the ground running.

Pick your time here