March 14


Me and another bloke.

Role playing.

Even video at first.

You know the REAL reason I don’t do role play?

Watch the vid.

Look carefully around the 01:47 mark for about 30secs where you’ll see me struggle to get my words out — my voice tone changes, and you can probably see it’s tough even talking ABOUT it. I’m not upset or distressed, but it IS difficult and I’m rapidly approaching meltdown territory because I’ve run out of processing power.

In this case I’m in full control of the situation and my environment, so there’s no danger of actually having a meltdown; but you can see how in a busy over-stimulating place it easily spirals out of control and I shut down.

In short, I simply don’t have the concepts and the words to talk ABOUT the topic let alone engage someone IN it. Strange but true.

Fascinating stuff, if you’re interested in this shit, and just one example of how autism affects us, even though we seem supremely competent in so many areas.

So… why should you care about any of this?

Great question, and I’m glad you asked.

Low empathy means I don’t care about your feelings when I tell you how shit your business is and what you need to do to fix it.

I don’t let you get away with bullshit excuses.

If that's something you have the spine for, then...

... join us in the Ground Zero initiative.


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