April 15


I have a new favourite website.

I’ll give you the URL in a moment, but first a bit of context.

It’s an anti-Asperger’s site written by a woman who, by her own admission, is damaged from a year-long relationship with an Aspie.

Most grown-ups would live and learn, and maybe she’s indeed met a bad apple, but she and the site she’s created go waaaay beyond that and enters into relentless vilification of an entire group of people.

As you can imagine, this has caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the so-called autistic community, with the majority I’ve seen commenting on it opining it’s “hate speech” and the site should be “taken down”.

Oh, my.

Where to begin with this?

Never mind the fact there’s no such thing as “hate speech” (which used to be confined to “incitement”, but now the SJWs have screamed and stamped their feet to the point where anything anyone doesn’t like or is offended by can be labelled “hate speech” and banned), but silencing fucktards never achieved anything more than giving their batshittery a modicum of credibility. No smoke without fire, and all that, and the elusive and intangible “they” are trying to suppress “the TRUTH”.

And even those who don’t want to go so far as violating the principle of non-aggression and silencing this individual are “offended” by what she has to say.

Please, people. Grow the fuck up. Your reaction to her words is on you, not her or the words she uses. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. And if others had it and believe it, well there’s your opportunity to educate them. Or ignore them. Or throat-punch them with a knuckle-duster if they get in your face about it.

Sure, I could pick holes in her reasoning and conclusions, but I neither have the time nor the inclination. I don’t care enough about her or her opinions (not strictly true, as I’ll share with you in a moment).

So why is it my favourite website du jour?

Because it’s executed brilliantly, and I always admire excellence. 

The woman is not stupid, by any means. She’s an excellent writer and has at every turn cherry-picked grains of truth, spun them cleverly into threads of pejorative observation, and woven the whole into outstanding if vile anti-autistic propaganda.

(This is even assuming it is a woman — it’s hard to tell because the author is anonymous. An act of cowardice, all things considered, but I fully understand why).

My point?

It’s more an observation: presentation is everything.

Objectively your business is likely no better than your competitors’. No insult intended, but you know it’s true. Yes, you’ll have shit excuses for human beings in your industry in just the same as I do in mine, but I’m talking about the genuinely competent ones.

You’re all pretty much of a muchness (and it’s no different for me, either).

And the difference wot make the difference is in your presentation.

Your marketing, in other words.

An uncomfortable truth, I know, but one you have to face if you want to succeed in business. Simply putting yourself “out there” and expecting the sheer magnificence of your shit to get you prospects metaphorically dribbling in their gussets won’t cut it.


… shamelessly promote…

… or die.

You want to discover how to do it with panache, style, and an élan unique to you?

Then join us for Ground Zero

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P.S. Oh, and the website?

It’s here: http://heartlessaspergers.com (I'm not going to link to it and give them the benefit of link-juice. It's one thing to support their right to free speech, and quite another to help them spread the message).

Have fun…

… and think of me.

And if it doesn’t put you off and you can see it for the biased, blinkered, and wholly one-sided disinformation it is…

Click here for Ground Zero details


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