March 18


We should stop saying “how stupid can you get?”, because people are taking it as a challenge.

And they’re damned good at it.

Case in point: marketing “guru” claiming he’s discovered a “new marketing paradigm”.

But he’s not.

He’s either mistaken, profoundly ignorant, or just plain dishonest. The expression "lying sack of pus" comes to mind).

The über-mistake?

They confuse and conflate tactics and strategies (because they’re too stupid to understand the difference between them).


Principles first.

Then tactics.

A simple and proven approach.

Boring, unsexy, and profoundly old-school.

If you’re into glitzy new bright shiny objects, this won’t interest you in the slightest. More fool you.

But if want to poke a sharp stick into the soft underbelly of grassroots marketing in your high street and local area, then you know exactly what to do…

… watch the vid for the details (and a lot of ranting and bad language)…

… then…

click here and join us for Ground Zero.


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