February 7


For the first time in some while I was woken this morning by my alarm… and I did not want to get out of bed. 

But I didn’t have much choice, because I deliberately put my phone on the other side of the bedroom last thing at night and it won’t stop playing its annoying tune until I make it stop (and if I leave it too long it’ll wake Mrs EBG from her slumber, and one does not rouse Mrs EBG from her slumber if one knows what’s best for oneself).

Once I’m and out of bed, I’ve taken that first but critical step in my morning routine — I’m up. 

And the rest has, over the last month, become habit (probably, because it can take 60 or more repetitions for something to be ingrained as a habit, so let’s not get complacent).

Anyway, this morning I was slow and groggy. I didn’t nap yesterday — unusual for me because I have 45 minutes in my Throne virtually every day — and I guess I was tired.

Fuck, for the first time I can remember even the Old Chap was still sound asleep, too. Not even the remotest throb, twitch, or quiver of Morning Glory. Man, I felt every single one of my 54 years, I can tell you.

So as I huffed and puffed myself downstairs, running the hairy and drooling gauntlet of happy dogs, I had a silent conversation with myself about the logical justifications for going back to bed and not bothering with meditation and an early start in the Cave (I’m out here by 0705, like clockwork).

But then I remembered the old saw “if you don’t have time to meditate for 5 minutes, meditate for an hour”. 

So I knuckled down to it, set myself up in the living room (with Doris cuddled up next to me, as she does)…

… and 20 minutes later I’m all meditativated and refreshed and set up for the day.

Bloody marvellous, what?

The point here is this: when you’re resisting doing something it’s often an indication you really NEED to do it. I can remember countless Elite meetings where members have sat in their Hotseats and said how things were a bit grim and they didn’t want to come to Cork at ALL… 

… but they also understood when you don’t want to come to the meetings… you reallyneed to come to the meetings.

How true.

I see it all the time: business owners make all kinds of bullshit excuses for doing shit we know works… and yet they know and I know their resistance to doing it means they reallyneed to do it.

Bottom line

If your business isn’t where you want it to be and think it should be, then something has to change. 

Because unless and until it does, nothing will change for you.

And ONE place to start is by booking a time to speak to me, personally, about your business.


P.S. Let’s be clear about what I’m NOT saying here: I am categorically NOT saying you need to do everything you resist doing. 

Because some things are just dumb.

One has to use one’s common sense, one does.

But as a rule of thumb, the harder you have to work to find the reasons for not doing shit, the more likely it is you’re bullshitting yourself (because “I don’t want to” is a perfectly acceptable answer, and your not giving it tends to suggest you DO want to — even if it’s just to the extent you want the outcome from it — and you’re resisting it for some other reason).


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