April 13


A thought occurred to me the other day — and it shows how even the best could be better.

Mrs EBG were up in Clane for her op at the beginning of the week and it became apparent how we weren’t the only couple back there for a second go.

Meaning… out of the ten bays in the day-ward, at least a third of them had patients whose partners had already had the surgery.

Of course, it could have been a fluke, but I don’t think so.


Because the results are typically fantastic, and I can’t imagine anyone having it done and not recommending it to others, especially their partner.

And it’s not small potatoes: we both had the top-end lenses and it came to €8,450 (mine was only €5,000 because I had cataracts and our health insurance paid for some of it).

So… considering the value of the sale (and they could charge at least twice what they do and still make sales — it’s that fucking good), I find it astonishing they do nothing to encourage patients to recommend it to family and friends. 

See, other than the routine and required eye-tests and follow-up, I’ve not heard a peep from them in the 16 months since I had it done. 

That’s remiss of them, to put it mildly.

Sure, I know they probably have to be careful how they recommend it and what they say, but they’ve done nothing.

Not a sausage.




And they could have done something, even if it was as light a touch as asking me how I was getting on and keeping it all top of consciousness.

Thing is, I bet you’re making the same mistake — constantly looking for new clients when you should be focusing your energy on and tapping into the clients you’ve already served (they’re the easiest and most profitable sales you’ll ever make).

Why don’t business owners do it?




Ignorance, fear, something else… who knows?

Whatever the reason, though… it’s Royally fucked up.

want the fix?

Then join us for Ground Zero and we’ll share with you the easy way to tap into all that current- and past-client goodness (read: referrals coming our of your ears).

And it’s especially easy with bricks ’n’ mortar businesses, and especially especially easy with home-improvements and other high-ticket sales (there’s a reason for this… maybe another day I’ll share it with you).

Sound good?

“Yes, EBG. It sounds splendid” is the only sane answer to that one.

Click here for Ground Zero details


P.S. Heads up: we’re looking for two more Private Clients.

We’ve been beavering (fnaar fnaar) away and can now expand our schedule to take on another couple of worthy causes.

If you have a yen to work with us one-on-one, then message me and we’ll arrange a time to talk.

At risk of over-egging the pudding…

… this is for serious enquiries only. 

If you don’t have at least £10k to invest in your business, PLUS more than a little time and effort, then don’t waste your time or mine.


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