February 15


Pricing… one of my two favourite topics.

Pricing… one of my two favourite topics.

FACT: we are all undercharging.

FACT: increasing your prices benefits _everyone_ you, your clients, the world at large.

FACT: most business owners are too spineless, lily-livered, and chickenshit to raise their prices at all, let alone stick to their guns once they have.

This is A Good Thing, because it means if YOU are prepared to grow a spine and show a bit of backbone, you can place yourself right at the top of the pile (where it’s less crowded, the air’s cleaner, and you don’t look up to see arseholes hovering above you).

Oh, and I give you a dead simple free tip (rare for me) which’ll likely increase your profits by 38.6% or more…

… and involve ZERO extra work from you.

Just watch the vid.

Then do the necessary below.


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