April 7


It seems all is not well in LinkedIN Land.

It seems “the algorithm” is playing up and showing old posts randomly rather than the highly-targeted and relevant stuff we’ve all become used to.

And you know what’s happening?

LinkedIN users are pissing and moaning and complaining to LinkedIN about it because it’s affecting their businesses.

Indeed, a few people have commented it’s stopped their lead-generation dead in its tracks because it’s their primary or even only source of leads.

Let’s get a few things straight.

  1. LinkedIN’s free offering is just that — a free offering and you’re not entitled to any level of service whatsoever, all the way down to and including no service at all. They owe you nothing. If you think they do… you’re a fucking idiot.
  2. If you’re relying on any one social media platform — free or paid — for all your leads… you’re a fucking idiot.
  3. If you’re relying on any collection of social media platforms — free or paid — for all your leads… you’re a fucking idiot.
  4. In fact… if you’re relying on the Internet alone for all your leads… you’re a fucking idiot.

Smart business owners understand the most dangerous number in business is ONE (and you just compound your peril when that “one thing” relies on the good will of a multi-billion groat corporation).

Smart business owners have multiple ways of getting leads and business — online and offline.

Smart business owners don’t piss and moan when someone picks up their ball and goes home. They have their own fucking ball.

Join us for Ground Zero and we’ll show you exactly how to plug this multiple-channel shit into your business and get high-quality lead-generation nailed once and for all.

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P.S. I love how people bandy about technical terms like “algorithm” without knowing what the fuck they’re talking about. Most of the people who use the word wouldn’t know a fucking algorithm if it crawled up their arse and sank its teeth into their colon. 

There is no single “algorithm”, of that we can be sure.

There will be several and they’ll be highly complex — definitely far too complex to be reverse engineered from the statistically insignificant, trivial, and confirmation-bias riddled observations of a few LinkedIN ex-spurts.

For the Love of All That’s Holy, stop fixating on single fucking platform or marketing channel and putting your metaphorical eggs in one precarious and capricious proverbial basket.

If you’re a local biz and you want a much broader, and more robust and stable foundation for your marketing, then you know what to do…

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