February 14


As I’m sure you’re aware, I mention my PT, Phil, a fair bit.

Hardly surprising since he’s a member of my Elite Mastermind, a good personal friend, and, unfortunately for him, I guess, in an industry where he butts heads with even more fools, cockwombles, and fuckwits than I do.

The latest?

Some microcephalic and overweigh land-whale bleating “Steroids!!!” at one of the pics of me he uses in his advertising.


The thing with steroids is, while they put your body into an anabolic state and massively reduces recovery time — you still have to do the hard work.

Because if you just took steroids and sat around on your arse swigging melted Haagen-Daaz and whey morning, noon, and night, all the steroids would do is help you get fatter quicker.

Or, to put it another way: your body will store the calories in the way it needs them the most, and if you’re not pumping iron and experiencing progressive overload, that’s gonna be as lard.

Thing is, your business and the latest fandabidozy widget, ninja-strategy, or Hidden Secret Google, the government, or God Himself don’t want you to know are the marketing-equivalent of steroids.

Yes, they may help you increase sales quickly and over the short term.

No, they’re not a strategy in and of themselves, and if you don’t have the fundamentals down pat — your metaphorical iron-pumping — you won’t get the results you’re looking for.

And yes, they can fuck you up good and proper if you’re not careful.

So, yeah.

Don’t be afraid to try new and funky tactics.

But don’t rely on them, and especially not as a foundation to rest your business on.


I’m off.

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m expecting the usual truckload of cards shortly; more to the point there’s gonna be the inevitable horde of hot, Eastern European Dunne’s Girls down the lane later throwing their knickers at me (that actually happens… honest).

While I’m doing that, you can (and should) book you call with me.

P.S. People ask me if I take steroids.

I tell them it’s none of their business what I do.

To them, this is a tacit admission — because if I didn’t, I’d deny it, right?


You’re not obliged to answer anyone’s questions; and if you do, you’re often giving weight and credibility to their opinions.

This, too, is relevant to your business, because those same fools, cockwombles, and fuckwits I mentioned up top have always got an opinion, and the sincerity with which they hold it is typically inversely proportional to their expertise in the subject.

I don’t expect you to take my advice, but given my success at what I do and my reputation in the industry, you might do well to watch what I do… 

… so with that in mind I’ll say it often shows a fine command of the English language to say nothing.

Anyway… I’m outta here.


You know what to do.


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