February 16


You must have heard of K.I.S.S — keep it simple stupid.

And it has some merit. People do tend to make things more complicated and complex than they need to be (and one of my Aspie Superpowers is being able to get right to the simple heart of a matter in a single superhero-like bound).


While we should keep things as simple as we can, there are limits.

And the inconvenience truth is some simply-stated problems don’t have a simple or easy solution.

Alas, what I see in my biz is a misplaced tendency to break everything down as if it were drop dead simple (a side-effect of seeing everything as a nail when all you have is a hammer, no less).

Case in point: Yesterday on LinkedIn I saw some dude waxing lyrical about his Magic Healing Powers. Reading his profile you’d be forgiven for thinking he was some kind of healing demigod — Reiki Master, Healer, and chakra-aligner extraordinaire, no less.

For the love of god, you fucking arsehole… none of that is real. You’re at best a fool and at worst a piece of shit fraud taking vulnerable people’s money for bullshit you know is bullshit. 

Kinda like a lot of people in my industry now I come to think about it (like I said… no matter the problem, their shit will fix it, just like Lily the Pink’s Medicinal Compound).

It struck a particular nerve in me because he claims to be able to cure all anxiety, presumably with his magic fucking hand-waving. 

Yeah, right. That simple statement alone shows what a dick he is, because the causes and presentations of anxiety are so disparate a common cure or treatment is not on the cards with the knowledge we have at the moment (clue: it can be what you might call existential or neurological — and the treatment for each is very different).

Again, this is very much like my own industry.

And that’s why we don’t take on clients “just because”. 

Your needing help isn’t enough, because we might not be able or even willing to help you.

We can’t know any of that until we talk to you and properly diagnose your business and the problems therewith.

Can’t help but wonder if so many people shy away from the call because the truth they anticipate digging into is too scary and painful to contemplate.

Far simpler, easier, and more comfortable to go look for a hammer to hit that nail you’ve convinced yourself you’ve got.


If you have the spine for a different and much tougher and harder approach, you know what to do (choose below).


P.S. You know, when you say you’re a “Reiki Master”, you know what you’re really saying, don’t you?You’re saying you’ve got a high-level qualification in made-up shit. A bit like being a priest, I guess. 

Reiki “works” the same way any other placebo works. While the practice isn’t inherently harmful or dangerous, it can lead patients down the dark and dangerous path of eschewing actual medicine in favour of bullshit — and that can be fatal.

And, no. I don’t think anyone’s belief in reiki and other woo should be respected — if it’s bullshit, let’s call it bullshit. And in the absence of evidence to support its efficacy…

… it’s safe to assume it’s bullshit.

Anyway… I’m off. Gonna make a cuppa to take up to Mrs EBG and curl up with my Kindle.

Rock and fucking Roll.

You, on t’other hand, should do some serious thinking about your biz and then take action…


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