February 8


You know why I'm bald?

It’s not just because moss doesn’t grow on a busy street.



… my endless frustration with Other People means I’m forever tearing it out in screaming exasperation.

See, one of my many endearing qualities — and the list is long — and something I find makes me even more fabulous than you’d think at first blush, is a quick mind and the ability to see patterns and connections between disparate facts and data (these are common Aspie traits).

Sometimes I glaze over when people are talking to me because I know where the conversation’s going and they’re talking around the houses, being circuitous, long-winded, and pleonastic and generally engaging in circumlocution, wordiness, and verbosity (yes, that’s supposed to be funny. I’m a ray of fucking sunshine in the morning, eh?)…

… and it’s all I can do not to grab them by the throat and scream at them in the hope of finishing what we both know they’re going to say before one of us fucking dies of old age (or I die of boredom).

And this is particularly apparent when it comes to marketing; after all, I spend most of the day, six days a week talking, reading, writing, or thinking about it, and it’s been that way for the last 17 years or so.

And perhaps the most frustrating thing of all?

People missing the simple stuff and overcomplicatIng things.

Yesterday I saw a thread on LinkedIn where someone was agonising — yes, agofuckingnising — about which video platform to use — Youtube or Vimeo. Because on the one hand you (allegedly) get great SEO; and on the other you get a better system, with no ads and more control over shit.

For the love of God…

Luv, of all the things you need to be worrying about in your business the arguably better SEO Juice you get from Youtube over Vimeo isn’t one of them (unless you’re a fucking retard and you’re relying on free platforms and SEO for your traffic — which is the same as saying you’re trusting to luck).

It’s essentially a strategy of hope…

… and hope is not a strategy.

I’m not saying SEO has no place in the world, because it clearly does, but only a microcephalic dingleberry would rely on a fundamentally unsound tactic for the lifeblood of their business, when what they need is a robust and well-thought-out strategy comprising as many tactics as they can think of (and over several media).



Rant over, shit to do, weekend coming up, and a trip to Cork tomorrow to take Mrs EBG for her eye-appointment in the busy shopping centre at Mahon Point.

Deep Joy.

love shopping centres, especially on a Saturday.

He lied.



… I’m off.

Meanwhile, have a long ol’ think about what I just said and ask yourself the hard question of whether YOU are relying on stuff you can’t control — effectively a strategy of hope (which is what you’re always doing if you don’t have a robust, resilient, and proven marketing system based on sound principles and fundamentals in place).

And if you are, then talking to me would be A Jolly Good Idea.

Book your slot below.


P.S. Fair Warning: we took on a new client yesterday.

That means our capacity ain’t far from its limit (got space for one, maybe two more, tops, at the moment).

And the way things are headed at the moment, it looks like we’re going to be fully booked Real Soon (more on this anon, but we seemed to have cracked the code, so to speak and are getting a whole fuckton of enquiries — so even if you’re not ready to start right now, getting on yon waiting list would be smart).

And, no, I won’t be sharing that code with you here — the detail on those kinds of shenanigans are reserved for members of our Private Client group and my Elite mastermind only.

Membership has its privileges, after all.

You thinking even “maybe”?

Then you know what to do (and do it sooner rather than later).


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