February 9


Question for you: how far are you willing to go in pursuit of your goals?

How important are they? 

What lengths will you go to achieve them?

Now, we all have a limit, I’m sure. 

Most of us are not so enamoured with our goals we’d drive ourselves to destruction, which is a mark of sanity in my book. It’s one thing to have a worthy goal, but I can’t imagine it’s too healthy to want to reach it no matter the cost.

Which brings me rather abruptly to the butt plugs I sneaked into the subject line (probably the only place you could ever sneak in a butt plug, if we’re honest).

See, my mate Phil (yes, him), sent me a WhatsApp yesterday. A screenshot from Instagram, I think, where some random bloke opined (and I swear I am not making this up):

Not trolling. I'm dead serious. If you do deadlifts with a SMALL butt plug, it forces you to really use the glutes. Strongly recommended.

Jesus Fucking Christ. I bet it does. I wonder what a BIG one would do.

To paraphrase and butcher Meatloaf… I’ll do anything for gains… but I won’t fucking do that.

I mean, I’ll go so far in my pursuit of muscle, but there are limits. 

And a butt plug is one of them (apart from anything else, I’d be afraid of shooting the damned thing out on the concentric phase and taking Mrs EBG’s eye out or something).

The things people do, eh?

Anyway… if you’re looking to grow your business AND you want comprehensive help and advice which stops short of hammering in a butt plug, you know where to come.

Fair warning: it’s not to say it won’t all be a bit of a pain in the arse, but at least you won’t blind anyone if you relax at the wrong moment.


P.S.  Speaking of butt plugs… one of my fine readers has introduced me to a Dominatrix who seems to be receptive to the idea of doing some marketing shit in that woefully under serviced industry.

Most exciting.

I just hope she’s not into weight training. The coincidence would be too scary to contemplate.

Anyway… gotta go. 

Taking Mrs EBG up to Cork later for her eye test, an’ I’ve shit to do before we leave.


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