February 25


For reasons I won’t go into here (because they’re boring and not pertinent to this post) I’m taking a wild detour today.

A few days ago I shared with you a rather splendid testimonial from my friend and client, Christian Simpson.

Do NOT allow the puppetry, colourful language and humour to deceive you! I can speak from years of experience working with Jon, the man provides a level of intelligence on how to make any small business astonishingly profitable - intelligence the vast majority of business owners will never know. 

If you own a business, the only question you need answering is whether Jon McCulloch can bring you a magnificent return on investment. Given Jon was instrumental in my business going from zero to a million in less than four years, I can assure you he can.

Any time invested with Jon is time invested wisely. If you are serious about growing your business, I strongly encourage you to take him up on this offer.

~ Christian Simpson

And you know how it all started?

With my doing a video critique for him, probably seven or eight years ago).

It was so good he went on to do shitloads more with me and is still my client today (only much richer — zero to a million in four years, right?).

So… tomorrow I have something new for you.

But for today, and today only you’ve got the chance to get your own website critique from me.

I do them on video, they last around 50 minutes to an hour, and you’ll get it back within two or three business days. 

And if you’re thinking it’s Just Another Copy Critique, think again — I cover FOUR essential areas, of which your copy is the last and, arguably, the least important.


Ya should be.

Click here for details

Remember: today only. I won’t be asking you after today.


P.S. Alas, there’s no discount or special offer.

I don’t do discounts.

But here’s what I will do: if you go on to do more with us in The Operation, I’ll roll the fee for the critique in with whatever comes next — so you’ll essentially be getting it for free.

Can’t say fairer then that, can I?

“No, EBG, you can’t” is the only correct answer to that.

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