April 3


Unless you know me well you probably won’t be able to tell how fucking hard recording it was.

It's not out of embarrassment or upset; no, the difficulty lies in trying to find the words to express what I'm trying to say when I'm talking about things I don't understand and can't comprehend (like many emotions).

Any questions?


I’m not precious about it and I do want to spread awareness.

I’m not a bleeding heart, do-gooder, or SJW by any means, but I do want to help.

Think global, act local, and all that.

And if you just want help with your biz, then you know what to do.

Because I’m still the bunny to help grow your business.

Look... “normal” is what’s got you to where you are.

If you want something different…

... you need to work with someone different.

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