April 7


Here's a bit of Zen for you...

... the best thing about the Internet for business owners is also the worst.

Never before has it been possible to reach such a multitudinous audience and target market for your so quickly, easily, and cheaply.

But... the same's true for your competitors, too.

And because People Are Stupid, it inevitably degenerates into a race to the bottom as everyone competes on price.

Fortunately, this can happen only if you acknowledge you HAVE competitors, and it's easy to relegate them into insignificance with NO possibility of them copying you or stealing from you.


I explain in the video, AND show you how ANY local bricks 'n' mortar business can do this for themselves.

Watch it, be awed, and then click the link to join us for Ground Zero, where we'll show you how to plug this shit (and a load more) into your business.

And add me on Facebook if you REALLY want to get to know me (an acquired taste)


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