March 31


The price of freedom?

Eternal vigilance.

In fact, that's the price of anything.

And when your business is going OK you take your eye off the marketing ball and the rot sets in.

Watch the vid and I'll share with you how insidious and DANGEROUS it is (and why I feel like I've been gang-raped by a herd of viagra-popping adolescent wildebeest).

Then, if you run a bricks 'n' mortar local business do yourself a MASSIVE favour and get on the list for Ground Zero.

Oh, and add me as a friend on FB if you have a strong constitution and want to know more about the man with his hand up a puppet's arse.

Here’s the link for Ground Zero.

And add me on Facebook if you REALLY want to get to know me (an acquired taste).


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How businesses kill themselves
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