April 15


You know That Feeling, right?

When a self-proclaimed "LinkedIN guru" posts very specific details about "the algorithm" (when he almost certainly knows fuck-all about it except for what he's gleaned from his superficial and confirmation-bias riddled observations).


And then it gets worse: his first message to you is a sleazy sales message (and when you message him to say "don't message me again"... the twatwaffle messages you again).

The moral of the story?

Watch the vid and I'll share it with you.

Then click the link and join us for Ground Zero, and we'll show you a much better and cleaner way to do this shit

(or if your need is urgent and you’re prepared to make a substantial investment in and commitment to your business and its future, then message me here and we’ll arrange a time to talk).

Click here for Ground Zero.


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