February 8


You know why they call me The Evil Bald Genius?

The Bald Genius bit is self-evident.

But Evil?

It comes from a comment made about me by some religious fundy whackjob who equates godlessness with evil (which makes me wonder what the fuck’s going on in the allegedly godly Catholic church with all their kiddie-fiddling, collusion, and cover-ups but that’s another topic for another day).

Anyway, some people say we evil atheists deny god because we want to sin…

… and that means we need god more than anyone!

A neat little argument in the absence of actual evidence for something to believe in, I guess.

Fact is, I’m happy with ALL my sins, god or no god.

Because if I think something’s wrong — against my own moral code — I don’t do it.

And there’s a BIG sin in marketing, to be sure.

The biggest, in fact.

And it’s one I never, ever commit.

Know what it is?

I thought not.

Watch the video and I’ll explain all.

Then pick a time to talk to me (because it’s a sin I guarantee you’re committing and I’m here to give you Ye Olde EBG Absolution).


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