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"We don’t have horrible clients. We work when we want to. We earn as much as we feel we’re worth now. And it’s just liberating. It’s a wonderful experience. And it’s fun along the way as well"

We’ve been working with Jon for quite a long time now, several years. 

And it feels like not only has business changed, but we’ve also changed as people as well.  Well, I suppose it starts with the person, doesn’t it? 

He gets into your brain and he changes how you think. 

Vicki La Bouchardiere, Executive Coach

To begin with, he was somebody you followed as a kind of a leader. He gave you this different way to think about yourself and your business.

But what’s happened more recently since he’s grown his team, is the quality of the training and also the way he’s pulled the interaction between people together in the group. 

It used to be very much like we’d see each other once a quarter at meetings and things. 

And then it was up to us to kind of keep in touch between, but he’s really ramped up that community.

And that makes it just a brilliant experience because his whole organization only attracts really good people towards it. 

He’s got fantastic filters to get rid of idiots, the sort of people you try and avoid in network meetings. 

He’s already filtered that. 

We don’t have to worry about anybody who joins being a dick, because they never will be.

I can probably make a full time wage in about a day a week now. 

So, you know, I used to charge 25 pounds an hour, and now I’m charging 10 times that.

I don’t think it would have even occurred to me that kind of earning was possible. 

I’d have played follow the follower and I’d have looked at other coaches thinking, “ooh, 50 pounds an hour. It’s about right. I can aim for that”. 

That’s the trap most business owners fall into, they follow other people who are doing the wrong thing. 

They follow the follower. 

And if I hadn’t been in this group, I’d have probably still been busting my arse to earn a half decent wage.

~ Vicki La Bouchardiere, venture-coaching.com

Crazy wins in an industry where this "can't" be done (the guy's a QS)

New client on board. 312.5% more than the fee I charged before you...

... Had 3 new clients on this week. Instead of a retainer I’m just saying £1,500 - £2,000 for a day with them and then they’ll come to me wanting X, Y, Z and they top up the piggy bank.

All on around double the normal rate.

Ant Manson, mansonconsulting.com

Ant Manson, QS

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"His mentorship has been priceless to me - not just from a marketing perspective, but from an entrepreneurial one... my return on investment has been astonishing"

When I started working with Jon, I was a recovering entrepreneurial failure.

Today I run a very successful global business, I’m in the Top 0.1% of my industry, and Jon McCulloch has and continues to play a significant part in my success.

Christian Simpson, "The Coaches' coach"

Jon’s copywriting skills are world class, that alone is worth any price he asks -  and his marketing prowess and understanding of how to make a small business astonishingly profitable is equally invaluable. 

His mentorship has been priceless to me - not just from a marketing perspective, but from an entrepreneurial one.

I’ve probably paid Jon a very healthy six figures over the years, but I know this (and this is the ONLY thing you should be concerned about), my return on investment has been astonishing.

Initially Jon helped me by critiquing my copy on the landing page of my sales funnel that took my business from zero to a million in less than 4 years. And the only reason it took that long is because I held back the reigns to ensure my client experience wasn’t detrimentally affected by growth. 

He then helped me structure my business model, including teaching me how to build a continuity model which liberated my financial life - and today is the most profitable part of a very profitable business. So he not only helped me find thousands of clients, he helped me retain them. There’s a plethora of other ways Jon has helped me, but I’d be here all night if I listed them.

Jon doesn’t suffer fools gladly, yet the man has a heart of gold. He’s genuinely one of the rare one’s dripping with integrity. He’s one of my favourite people on the planet because the guy says it like it is, doesn’t dress up the truth in superfluous language, and isn’t attached to whether you like him or not - however he ALWAYS comes from a place of wanting to serve you to the best of his ability - even if tries to convince you otherwise.

Should you work with him, and to my mind you’d be insane not to, you have my word you’re in the safest of hands.

So in summary, I’ll say this: if you DON’T do this, you will live to regret it. And it’ll cost you much more than whatever Jon will ask of you to invest in his services. A good servant is worth their hire. A great one is priceless.

Finally, just in case there is an elephant in the room, to be clear: I don’t have any affiliate arrangements with Jon, I don’t get any special deals, and I don’t get preferential rates for speaking my truth about my experience of Jon McCulloch.

~ Christian Simpson, christian-simpson.com, The World’s Leading Coach and Mentor to Business Owners and Entrepreneurs