February 15


The best blog posts?

The ones other people write for me.

Like… when they say nice (or horrible) things about me.

Like… say…

… this…

Do NOT allow the puppetry, colourful language and humour to deceive you! I can speak from years of experience working with Jon, the man provides a level of intelligence on how to make any small business astonishingly profitable - intelligence the vast majority of business owners will never know. 

If you own a business, the only question you need answering is whether Jon McCulloch can bring you a magnificent return on investment. Given Jon was instrumental in my business going from zero to a million in less than four years, I can assure you he can.

Any time invested with Jon is time invested wisely. If you are serious about growing your business, I strongly encourage you to take him up on this offer.

~ Christian Simpson


Just watch my videos (LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, or here on the GYBFO blog).

Colourful language and humour.

I don’t think I need to say more on those, do I?

The rest?

He’s right.

If we were to hop in yon Tardis and go back maybe 8 or 9 years you’d see me bashing out an email to someone asking me to work with him. It wasn’t a nice email because, frankly, I thought the bloke was One of Those Coaches. I’d seen his website and it was dire — it read like the usual shit you get from coaches and it stuck in my craw.

So I told him in no uncertain terms I couldn’t work with someone who wrote like he did and I wanted nothing more to do with him.

Much to my surprise, he replied.

Even more to my surprise, he tore me off a strip while at the same time having the humility to admit he knew his shit sounded awful, and that’s why he was asking me for help.

Now, THAT got my attention — and my deep respect.

Because not many people come back at me like that, and since I’m neither precious nor egotistical (no, really — ask Lardy Vicki), I changed my mind and did the critique he wanted.

And am I ever glad I did because it was the start of a sound friendship and one of my most enjoyable, successful, and mutually profitable client relationships. We don’t always agree, but that’s OK (he’s a smart bloke but he’s still entitled to be wrong on occasion). In fact, he’s one of my favourite people, and is one of those men with impeccable integrity and honesty, and a vile sense of humour (OK, we’ll get a room).

So, what’s made it all so successful?

Well… it’s true I’m something of a smartarse. 

No point in being modest about it, especially as you really don’t expect me to be. I’m as sharp as a pin, bright as a button, and full of stupid jokes, analogies, and metaphors.

But that’s irrelevant if clients are truculent, obstinate, recalcitrant, resistant to change, full of shit, or just plain fucking stupid.

In other words: if they won’t take my advice on matters where I know exponentially more than they do, I can’t help them. I don’t even want to try. If Christian had replied to me defending his awful copy and weak positioning, I’d have wiggled my finger at him and laughed evilly.

But he didn’t.

He knew he didn’t know what he didn’t know… and I did.

And right from the beginning, Christian’s the ideal client and student: he not only listens, but he’s one to take action. I critiqued a landing page of his t’other day and while it wasn’t perfect, I can confidently say if he ever wanted to change careers he’d make a better copywriter right out of the gate than most of the cockwombles I see touting for business these days.

Acquiring that level of skill doesn’t happen by accident. He’s only that good now because he’s had expert tuition and guidance and then gone out there and written his own copy, and stuck with it. 

It’s the same for the other areas of his business, too: pricing, positioning, targeting… yada, yada, yada.

Sure, I’ve occasionally guided and nudged him in the right direction over the years, but the credit’s all his, because he did the fucking work.

So… your turn next?

You wanna be the next EBG success story?

All starts with a call, Bubba — the offer Christian was talking about.

Then, it’s all down to you.

Book your call below.


P.S. About the ego: it’s true. One thing about me is I don’t take myself seriously at all. 

How could I?

I’m ridiculous. 

I mean we’re all ridiculous.

Life itself is ridiculous, when you stop and think about it: you’re born, you live… and by the time you grok how amazing life is, you’re also old enough to realise how fleeting it and how fucking close to the end of it you are.

If that’s not ridiculous, I don’t know what is.

Anyway, I’ve always thought people who take themselves seriously, with their easily-bruised egos and inability to laugh at themselves are hiding some deep, dark secret.


With me it’s WYSIWYG all the way down.


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