February 5


Ah, branding… and the “branding experts” buzzing around the idea like bluebottles on a turd.

Uncomfortable truth: your brand is irrelevant until you’ve proved yourself by delivering excellence.

Alas, there’s a metric fuckton of people out there selling you on the idea of “brand” in the mistaken belief this is going to cultivate trust and liking in your audience and so increase sales.

Hmm… no, No, and three times, NO.

The quickest, simplest, and (sometimes) easiest way to gain trust and liking is to be yourself (because this automatically attracts people who are like you).

And your brand — the brand of your personality and unique identity springs from that.

Please… don’t waste time and money with the branding douchecanoes thinking anyone’s going to have a “relationship” with your brand, because they’re not (I suspect business owners choose to go down the “branding” route because it saves them the hard and often uncomfortable grunt-work of real marketing).

People have relationships with and buy from OTHER PEOPLE.

End of.

If you'd rather build a solid business based on excellence and performance rather than fart around with an ephemeral brand, you can get my help below.



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