April 18


Yesterday I saw a lady on LinkedIN saying how a client had been bad-mouthing her behind her back to her employees, something along the lines of “Every time I call for [her] she is either out having babies or out with a kid home sick”

And yon lady was somewhat upset.

My question?

I had two, actually.

  1. So... is this person an ex-client?
  2. And if not, why not?

True story: w few years ago I was slow in posting a book to some twatwaffle. He complained (rightly) but then said he didn't give a fuck about Rosie’s mental health (caring for her was why I was behind), and "I just want my fucking book".

I imagine he still cries at my response, because it was neither restrained nor pretty (and when he said “I’ll be sure to post this all over Social Media” I metaphorically laughed in his face and gave him a few more choice phrases about my opinions of him to share. Alas, I heard no more about it).

Look, people will ALWAYS treat you the way you ALLOW them to. And it’s all well and good to wail and gnash your teeth about demanding respect, but a better answer (in my humble but invariably correct opinion) is to forget about it and instead work on maintaining your own dignity.

See, by demanding respect you’re trying to control what others say and do. 

Good luck with that.

But by focusing on your dignity, you’re putting your time, energy, and effort into something you can control — your own actions.

Bottom line:

  1. Every prospective client who approaches you is a prospective client you have ATTRACTED in some way. We're not talking "Law of Attraction" metaphysical nonsense here, either. Nope... it's about the way you present yourself and your business, and the words you speak and write draws clients to you, for good or for ill.
  2. Every client you take on is a client you have ALLOWED into your life and business. They ask to work with you, and you say "yes". No one makes you do it. No one holds a gun to your head. There's no law saying you have to take them on.
  3. Every client you moan about but still deign to work with is a client whose behaviour you are ALLOWING. Because people will treat you exactly how you allow them to. Got a client who's not checking in, not sticking to the programme, skipping gym sessions, and then moaning at you because they ain't getting results? You're allowing it. So either shut up about it, or kick them into touch.
  4. And every client you allow to remain in your business is a client whose behaviour you are CONDONING. Because if you allow them to remain — and they remain ONLY by your consent — then the message you're sending them is their behaviour is acceptable and you're OK with it continuing.

I realise these are harsh truths, but truths they are, nonetheless.And they will remain truths whether you like it, accept it, or agree with it or not.

Reality has a strange and sometimes annoying habit of persisting even though we don’t like it.

There is only one way to change this — and that is for you to change, yourself.

The place to start?

Jumping on Skype with me for a 15-minute (free) brainstorming session.

Just message me here and we’ll fix a time.

Do that, and I guarantee your life and business will never be quite the same again.


P.S. People are so uptight and easily offended these days, it seems. I reckon we’d all do better if they laughed at themselves more.

Case in point…

I was taking the piss out of a mate of mine who kicked a door in frustration at the start of the week and ended up bed-bound with a suspected fractured foot.

And then, not two days later, I pull my own calf-muscle trying to use a skipping rope (don’t ask).


I am, and we all are.

But if you don’t laugh, you’re gonna cry.


… want help with your biz?

Message me here and we’ll arrange a time to talk (no sales pitch, I promise).


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