April 4


And I ain’t talking (just) about Morning Glory.

See, I have a confession: my mobility is awful. Virtually every joint in my body is tight and has a restricted range of motion, right from my ankles all the way up to my neck and shoulders.


Because I’ve been lazy over the years (a kind of vicious-circle… the stiffer I get, the harder it is to improve my mobility, so the less likely I am to do it).

But, as with anything and everything, until the pain of being a stiff and creaky old fart outweighed the pain of having to do something about it, I did nothing.

A sad fact of human existence, I’m afraid. It’s rare for anyone to pursue effortful change until the balance of pain swings effort’s way.

But now I’ve made up my mind, it’s as good as done. 

The only thing between stiff ol’ EBG and the very same as a veritable ballerino is…

Time and effort.

And as it is in fitness and in health, so it is with business.

Business owners won’t change until their increasingly precarious existence becomes so painful, they have to change. 

Alas, for some this is too late and the pain doesn’t reach that vital threshold until they’re already out of business or it’s too late for any amount of change to help.

What about you?

Where do you sit on this scale?

Is the pain of your sinking business as the High Street declines enough to get you off your arse and join us for Ground Zero?

Or are you playing a game of “wait and see” and letting the pain and pressure build until it becomes unbearable?

Par for the course, and just human nature.


Leaving it that long could be leaving it too late…

… and sitting on the fence does nothing to move you forward and just gives you haemorrhoids.

You want to fix your local bricks ’n’ mortar biz and suck up all the diamonds from the dross and slurry of your local market?

Or are you content to keep slurping the whole mess down, taking things just as they come?

One choice, once decision to make…

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P.S. I also have tennis fucking elbow.

Which is kinda ironic since I don’t play tennis and would be shit at it if I tried (clumsy and uncoordinated… plus I fucking hate non-violent competitive sports).

It’s almost certainly a result of tight forearms (oh err), and the strain of heavy weights.

Fortunately, the mobility exercises are also an effective treatment for it.

Ho hum. At least it can’t get any worse, and, as the sperm said, the only way is up.

And if you need a bit o’ treatment for your biz, you know what to do.

Click here for Ground Zero details


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