February 13


Remember how I wrote the other day about people who admit and confess to a Burning Problem, the biggest problem they have in their business, and the one keeping them awake at night staring at the ceiling in frustration…?

And remember how I shared with you the very same people who tell me about these problems then go on to do absolutely fucking nothing about them…?

Well, I had a quick exchange of messages with my PT, Phil, yesterday, and what he shared with me is, quite frankly, the low-carb icing on the reduced-calorie, high-protein cake.

Short story: overweight bloke books a call with Phil. Phil calls at the appointed time…

… bloke picks up…

… Phil introduces himself…

… bloke puts phone down.

Phil scratched his head and wondered at the stupidity of humanity before trying again, just in case the guy had fumbled his phone and accidentally curtailed the call.

Nope. The call went straight through to voicemail.

Now, even me, autistic retard that I am, can see that is extremely rude, because it’s being entirely disrespectful of Phil’s time.

But more than that it bespeaks a massive lack of integrity and a character utterly devoid of backbone (to view this in a positive light it’s worth pointing out Phil likely had a narrow escape – imagine if this pus bag had become a client and how difficult he would have been. But that’s hardly the point). 

Why do people do this?

I refer you back to my answer from the other day: because that’s just what people like this do. Hardly satisfying, I know, but it’s a good enough answer to preserve sanity.

Thing is, while this guy’s behaviour is a little more extreme than most, the net result is pretty much par for the course. I frequently talk to business-owners who love what I have to say and promise “I’ll get back to you in a couple of days”, but they almost never do (I realise I could address this objection in the call if I wanted to, but I don’t. The reason is, I’m not making a single sale of a product or programme – if I work with someone in this capacity, the relationship is a long-term one. We are not jumping into bed for a quick fuck: we getting married and having a baby, so to speak”).

Why do people do this?

Because that’s just what people like this do.

I don’t let it bother me, although I confess it does add to my ever-increasing contempt for and disappointment with the human species. I don’t resent the loss of my time, or see the calls as wasted effort; rather my contempt and disappointment stem from the learned-helplessness I perceive in these people. 

It beggars belief how you can have and admit to a Burning Problem, have that solution pushed right under your nose, yet turn that self-same nose up at it, and wander off still pissing and moaning about the injustice in life, business, and the universe.


Arrange a time below to talk to me about growing your business.

No pressure, no strings, no hard sell.

But do bear in mind, if you tell me you have a problem but you refuse to do anything to fix it, I am judging you, and just as harshly as you’re judging yourself. 

Because we both know, you and I, you’re just making excuses.

And while you might be able to get others to buy into your bullshit, you ain’t fooling me, and, more important, you ain’t fooling yourself, either.

And self-loathing is an ugly, ugly thing.


P.S. So, from yesterday: my favourite day of the year.

It’s a day define not by date, but rather by circumstances, although for reasons you’ll see are obvious it tends to come in late April or early May.

And it’s simply that first day when I look across the fields to the south of the house and notice the warm, spring haze over the fields and feel the sun shining on my face. This

I smile to myself as I’m reminded summer and the long stretch into the evenings’ daylight and the best days of the year are all ahead of me.

And I think to myself… “EBG… isn’t it fucking amazing just to be alive?”

“Yes, EBG”, is the only correct answer to that.


You. Me. Your biz and your problems.

You know what to do, don’t you?

“Yes, EBG”, is the only correct answer to that one, too.


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