March 8


I love the Internet.

Never before in the history of mankind have so many idiots, halfwits, and simpletons been able to broadcast their imbecility to billions of people with something so simple as a mouse-click (or should that be “person kind”, to appease the humourless, dunderheaded fucktards who spend their days searching high and low for something to be offended by?)

You have to admit, that’s some achievement.

I came across one of these imbecilic humourless, dunderheaded fucktards who spend their days searching high and low for something to be offended by yesterday. She even went to the trouble of stalking my profile and reading my articles on LinkedIn and “exposed” me for being a misogynist because of my “bitches love…” comments yesterday.

How one “exposes” anything deliberately placed in the public domain for all to see I can’t fathom.

More to the point, the “bitches” comment refers to a common Internet meme and has as much to do with misogyny as Socialism has to do with rational thought.

… but whatever.

If people are too stupid to understand polarisation, I’m not gonna waste my time educating them, not for love nor for money. I ain’t the Idiot Whisperer.

Because around the same time this harpy was harping on, I got this in my inbox from the same guy I mentioned yesterday:

Morning to you. I just wanted to write before my day becomes crazy! You will never know - what impact, watching your films and your comments to me yesterday had. 

You are right. 

I have given myself permission and fuck everyone else. Seriously - I am truly grateful. One little gesture can honestly change someones outlook. What I needed was someone to just say - yeah - fuck 'em. 

Thank you. D.

Quite so. 

He also added an image carrying the text The world is full of genuinely nice and kind people. If you can’t find one, be one. One small act of kindness goes farther than you think.


Although one small correction: I’m not nice (which, ironically, Ms Harpy also pointed out herself). 

No, I’m decent.

There’s a huge difference, and the last thing I’d ever want to be is nice, because to be nice often requires a modicum of dishonesty — something left-wing fucktards excel at.

And bitches don’t like dishonesty.

Anyway… I’m outta here.

Shitloads to do before heading up to Cork for my Extreme mastermind this weekend, followed by Elite on Monday and Tuesday.

Expect to hear from me only sporadically.

So, in the meantime, get your name down for some definitely-not-nice shit in the Ground Zero initiative.

Clue: you can’t and don’t want to be all things to all men and women. Instead, you wanna be pushing away the douchebags and pulling in the peeps (and only the peeps) you’ll deign to work with.

Get your polarisation nailed, and you’re 90% of the way there.

I'll show you exactly how to do that (but I won't be nice about it).

Click here for Ground Zero details.


P.S. Harpy Pants also said I had no self awareness and so shouldn’t be advising businesses at all.


She actually said that.


I nearly voted for Jeremy Corbyn.

Genuine question: why, for the Love of All That’s Holy, why do these people jump to such outrageous conclusions on such sparse data, and how do they rationalise it to themselves?

It’s beyond me, truly it is. 

Now, I find it difficult to recognise and process emotions in myself, as well as recognise them in others, especially when they feel differently about something from the way I do (hence my lack of empathy).

But I suspect even if I was as NT as NT gets I’d still not be able to get into the head of such an airhead.

Oh well. I guess I’m not on her Christmas card list, eh?


You know what to do (unless you’re of the same mind as she is, in which case move along, cuz there’s nothing for you here).

Click here for Ground Zero details.


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