April 22


I sent Mrs EBG out litter-picking yesterday.

OK, I’m lying.

She was out litter-picking, but she went of her own accord. There’s some initiative over here where if you register for the scheme various do-gooders sent you a box of bags and gloves and a couple of high-vis tabards with the idea you’ll mooch around your local area picking up litter.

And if enough people do it…

… your local area stays clean and tidy.

An admirable endeavour, to be sure, and one I’ll be helping with (I had other things to do yesterday).

What’s the point here?

Well… the problem of litter is vast. 

It’s everywhere. What possesses people to drop it I can’t even imagine (hanging is too good for the filthy, inconsiderate bastards), but reality is what it is, not how we want it to be, think it is, or think it should be.

And how do most people react to it?

They seem to think government should somehow “do something” about it.


Government does nothing about anything unless it furthers their own agenda (typically by feeding into the collective neuroses of the Unwashed Masses and their emotional bullshit — governments almost never take up evidence-based policy about anything).

There are few things more amusing than seeing how people think pro-Brexit politicians are somehow “for the people” and have anything but their own rational self-interests in mind. Even more amusing are those who think anything is going to change substantially because you have a new set of cockwombles in No. 10. 


If you want your business to thrive in today’s worsening economy the last thing you should be doing is expecting someone else to fix it for you — and government least of all.

Just like with litter-picking the answer lies in enough individuals acting locally to have global effects. This isn’t ideology speaking — it’s mathematics

But people don’t want to hear it or believe it because it means work and requires you to accept, understand, and embrace it’s all down to you in the end.

Anyway… rant over.

Getting high-quality, non-price-resistant customers and clients isn’t hard. They’re out there and they’re buying shit from somewhere… and all you gotta do is get them to see that somewhere should be with you.

Even easier done than said.

If you want help with immunising your biz against the extant High Street Zombie Apocalypse, message me and we’ll arrange a time to talk.


P.S. Here’s what happens when you ask government to get involved in solving your problems:

You: “I don’t approve of this!”

Government: “What should we do?”

You: “I don’t know! But Someone should Do Something!”

Government: “Hmmm… this random and emotionally charged policy is Something. We’ll Do That.”

You: [sound of things turning to shit] “…?”

Governments can do nothing more effectively, efficiently, cheaper, and with more accountability than private enterprise.

Bottom line: take responsibility for yourself and your business and you’ll do a whole lot better (and do it more happily).

You need help?

Message me.


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