February 18


I had a bit of a shock this morning.

A bit?

Fuck me, that’s an understatement if ever I made one.

And just for a moment a wave of panic swept over me and threatened to unman me.

Let me explain…

Almost 10 years ago I had my infamous “Fat Jon Moment”. 

Long story short: I’d been putting on weight for a while and kidding myself it wasn’t too bad and I could take control of it any time I wanted to…

… and then didn’t.

So my weight and waist carried on up until I was just shy of 13 stone and had a 39 1/2 inch waist. This is not a good look for a bloke of 5ft 5in, let me tell you.

And then came my FJM (prompted by an article on the BBC website). That very day I changed my habits — I started cycling, started eating better, and drastically cut my alcohol intake.

Fast forward a decade and here I am — leaner, much fitter, and in far, far better shape, and…

… only two pounds lighter than I was at my heaviest.

Because this very morning, not even an hour ago at the time I’m writing this, I weighed in at 177.5lb — 12 stone, 9 3/8 lb.

And that’s what gave me my momentary panic.

See, I’m deliberately gaining weight at the moment. And yet even while it is deliberate and wholly intentional with a purpose and a goal in mind, it’s scary — it’s horrifying to watch your hard-won six pack so effortlessly fading away under the fat you inevitably gain at the same time you’re gaining muscle.

But then I raised my eyes from the dismaying numbers on the scale and looked at my gorgeous naked self in the mirror…

… and there’s no comparison.

While I’m heavy, I’m not fat and my legs, chest, and arms are still lean and somewhat vascular (most of the fat I’ve gained is around my middle as visceral fat — annoying, to be sure, but typical for a man my age. Fortunately visceral fat is the first to go when you start dieting again).

The moral of the story: there really IS no gain without some pain. If you want to improve your life and business, you’ve gotta be prepared for hard work and some emotional upheaval. It can be scary to shell out money for ads and shit with no guarantee of return on your investment, for instance. 

But there’s no alternative. You can take no risks and stay comfortably thin; or you can take a calculated risk and grow, holding in your mind the thought the numbers you see are but a temporary glitch in a positive trend.

This probably sounds self-serving.

And it is.

Because I have no desire to work with anyone who thinks it’s gonna be an easy ride. 

Chances are MOST clients are going to see an immediate uptick in their profits even before we start on their ads and sales processes, simply because the other shit we do for you in The Process will, in and of itself, dramatically improve your business (at its very simplest I’ll tell you to raise your prices and send more emails. Just those two things alone can more than double your profits overnight — and I speak from repeated experience).

But since we have integrity, Connor and I, I also have to tell you there are no guarantees: it may take a couple of months before we crack the code of your market and all you’ll see is money going out. 

It’s even possible (but highly unlikely to the point of ridiculousness) we’ll fail completely. It’s never happened to me yet, but that’s not to say it could.

My point?

There are no guarantees from us except a promise to do our very best for you. Thing is, anyone in our line of work promising more is bullshitting you.


Next step’s down to you — links you need are in the box below.


P.S. What IS fucking annoying is I seem to have a niggling and very painful injury to my brachioradialis. 

Like so many parts of your body, you’re unaware it even exists, let alone of how much you use the damned thing, until it starts to hurt.

And hurt it does.

The only treatment?


I can neither confirm nor deny I’m doing the smart thing and resting it.

Anyway… you know what to do next if you want to grow your business (Clue: resting on your laurels isn’t it).

Links 'n' stuff below.


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