February 19


Of all the days granted to us by the gods, I hate Tuesday the most. 

I can’t help but think it’s singularly apt the word derives from Old English Tiwesdæg and Middle English Tewesday, meaning the day of Tiw or Týr — the god of single combat.

Why so?

Because Tuesday is Leg Day, and as anyone serious about their iron pumping will tell you, Leg Day is not a good day.

It’s a good day to have done, but until that last squat is cranked out and the bar racked, it’s a trial.

Now, I don't know if you lift or not, or if you do lift, whether you lift seriously and heavy.

But if you do, then you'll know exactly what I mean.

Because that bar scares me.

You ever squatted heavy?

Chances are you haven't. MOST people haven't.

So let me share with you what it's like.

See, the fear starts long before you take the weight — 140kg is SIX big motherfucking 20kg plates, three either side of the bar. It's scary and intimidating as fuck. 

And even before you get there you've got the progressively heavier weights of the warm-up, too; and with each increase it gets that little bit tougher... until you're fully loaded, staring at the bar, and thinking of all the reasons you don't have to get under the fucking thing and SQUAT.

But you do. 

You have to if you want the results. The human body is a wonderful thing — train to squat 130kg and your body will adapt until it's really good at squatting 130kg... and then it'll stop adapting.

You want to get bigger and stronger?

You've got to lift heavier.

So you exhaust all your excuses and face the harsh truth that's all they are.

Cowardice writ large in the face of cold, implacable iron.

And in the face of that truth you get under the bar, lock your core and shoulders in position and take the weight across your back before stepping back into the safety cage.

You stand for a few seconds, the weight crushing down on you. 

Then, with a deep breath you crack the lock in your hips fractionally before you unlock your knees and you descend down into the pit, arse well below knees, driving them out to keep everything locked and tight. You hesitate at the bottom for a fraction of a second... then drive up through your hips and legs, spine and core still locked straight, striving to get back to the top of the lift.


Nine more to go.

It's brutal.

By the time you're on your seventh rep you want to drop the weight and puke.

But down once more you go... into that fucking terrible and dark pit from which there's only one way out — up.

Thing is, it's a battle you can never win, too.

Because if you don't hit the high end of the rep-range... then you've got to try again at the same weight the next time.

And if you do?

You put on more weight next time — maybe 150kg. 

Dear holy fucking shit.

Ultimately the weights are always gonna win (and they'll be around long after I'm dust).

But you know what?

Phil, my PT, gave me some great advice some time back.

He said, "If the bar doesn't scare and intimidate you, then it's not heavy enough".


And if you're not doing this hard, brutal, scary and intimidating stuff... you just ain't gonna make progress.

Newsflash: your business is NO different.

If you want an exceptional business you can't expect to get it by doing ordinary things. 

If you want progress towards meaningful goals, you've gotta drive it.

It's hard. 

It's brutal. 

And it's uncomfortable.

And the most effective way forward I know is the hardest, most brutal, and uncomfortable of them all.

That's why so few do it.

And why if YOU do it... you'll thank me forever.

It all starts with a call (see below). 

Think of it as your warm up.


P.S. A quick heads up: it’s my Elite mastermind in just under three weeks.

If you’ve ever had a yen to join us, then now’s the time to do it, because there’s some pretty cool stuff I’m gonna be sharing with you at the meeting (even cooler than usual), and you ain’t gonna get it anywhere else.

If you want to know more, just message me here and let me know.


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