March 14



… I’m back.

Five days or so up in Cork at my Extreme and then Elite masterminds with varied bunch of drunken reprobates who had little better to do than point and laugh at me when I started losing my words while saying how effective a promotional activity public speaking is for me (this delightful effect is most pronounced when I’m tired and anxiety is poking its little head above the parapet).




I blame Vegard. He started it. Fucking Norwegians. I think they need nuking.

But here’s the thing… while the humourless and prissy do-gooders will no doubt be up in arms about people mocking an autistic retard who can’t get his words out, this kind of thing is common in Elite.


Because we’re all close friends — and even new people fit right in, because that’s how I qualify them – and there’s no room in the group for snowflakes or those who take themselves seriously (more to the point, if you can’t laugh at yourself, you have no business laughing at anyone or anything else).

But because we are close friends we also know when laughing at these things would be hurtful. They all knew I didn’t give a shit (and what they didn’t do was mock me for the anxiety underlying it all, the result of a combination of the Asperger’s, stress, and dealing with some emotions I can’t easily identify or process).

The Über point?

Polarisation and attracting the right people (and only the right people) to your business.

And the easiest way I know to do that?

By throwing your unbridled personality into your marketing.


We tend to do business we like and trust.

We tend to like and trust people who are like we are.

And a surefire way to attract people like yourself is to be yourself and let them come to you.

Wanna discover the quickest and easiest way to do that?

Join us in the Ground Zero initiative.

Click here for Ground Zero details


P.S. Got up this morning at 0600, feeling and looking like death no one had bothered to warm up.

By 0720 I’m recording a podcast, the guest of some fairly well known sales-trainer.

I don’t think I did too badly, all things considered (fortunately swearing and pissing people off was not just acceptable but also desirable).

I’ll ket you know when I’ve got the recording.

In the meantime…

Click here for Ground Zero details


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