April 11


Mrs EBG is a very happy bunny.


I’ll tell you.

See, 15 months ago I had intraocular lens replacement surgery because I had cataracts. In other words, they replaced the natural lenses in my eyes with funky multi-focus plastic ones.

The results?


Within two months or so I had better than 20/20 vision in both eyes, both near and far. After almost half a century of wearing glasses, this was nothing short of epic.

More: the world was suddenly bright and full of the most amazing colours again. As we get older our natural lenses turn yellowish and reduce the amount of light getting into the eye. By the time you get to 60 you have about a third of the light entering your eyes as you do when you’re 20. 

Not only that, but the yellowing makes the colours you perceive look tired and washed out.

But, of course, you don’t really notice this because the degradation happens slowly over a long period of time (decades).

So when they suck out the old, yellow lenses and replace them with state-of-the-art clear plastic ones…

… the results are instantaneous and astonishing.

For my own part, within four hours of my first op, my vision in my right eye was crystal clear and the brightness and colours almost overwhelming.

Took a bit longer with Mrs EBG — maybe 24 hours before she could see properly though the new lenses — but she’s how experiencing the same thing. We keep catching her just standing agog looking around the room she’s in, marvelling at the light and colours.

The point?

There are two.

First, when things turn to shit, it isn’t always noticeable. If the slope is a gentle one you can get right down to the lowest point without even being aware of the descent (a bit like the amusing but wholly false fable of “boiling the frog”).

This is almost certainly happening in your business (for example, if you haven’t increased your prices in the last year by at least the rate of inflation, then you’ve experienced a de facto price cut of the same amount, and it’s had a disproportionate effect on your profits).

And secondly, a few small tweaks and changes can dramatically change things for the better almost overnight, just like changing the tired old lenses in your eyes for shiny new ones.

And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do on Ground Zero — share with you the quick, simple, and easy changes you can plug into your business and get almost instant results.

Your next step?

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P.S. If your need is urgent and you’re prepared to make a substantial investment in and commitment to your business and its future, then message me we’ll arrange a time to talk.

This is for serious enquiries only. If you don’t have the will or the wherewithal to invest at least £10k in your business, we’re way out of your league.


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