March 22


What's "normal"?

Whatever you'll tolerate.

And, amazing creatures that we are...

.. we can (and do) get used to almost anything.

Drink every night for long enough (and not as long as you think), and waking up feeling like shit is the norm.

Been there, done that. I didn't have a drink problem, but I was drinking too much, too often (it's also how I got so tubby all those years ago. And in the vid I share with you the story a mate of mine who has three bottles of vodka a day... that's HIS normal).

News flash: your biz is the same. If your life, business, or relationships are shit and you've settled into a way of thinking where you accept things as they are...

... because that's the way things are...

... then you're the equivalent of the alcoholic who's inured to hangovers and accepts a saggy, baggy head of a morning as being de rigueur.

The answer?

Change the way you do things.

If you want a solid, robust, profitable, and ENJOYABLE business where you're attracting the best clients, selling at premium prices, and being treated and respected as you deserve, then YOU have to change before things change FOR you.


But not easy.

Yet... EASIER with our help.

Join us for Ground Zero and it'll be as easy as it's ever gonna get.


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