April 19


So, here I am sitting in the Cave listening to Heavy Metal.

Loud Heavy Metal.

Mongolian, of course.

What’s that?



Now, this email ain’t about the music.


It’s the lyrics.

See, they sing (unsurprisingly) in…

… Mongolian.

And… it definitely isn’t English.

And when you read the subtitles… you can see exactly how not-English it all is. To say something must be lost in translation is like describing the Catholic church as “quite fond of children”.


“if elephants come we’ll fight in rage”


“If you come as snakes, we’ll become Garuda birds and fly over you”.

Hmm… OK.

They’re well into their death, destruction, and obliteration.

And why not, eh?

My point?

I don’t have one.

It’s Good Friday, few people are working, and I’m enjoying having my ears bleed to the outrageously loud music.


… want help with your biz?

Like… increase your profits by 156.99% or some shit like that?

Then message me here and we’ll talk.

Or don’t and we won’t (clue: ultimately, that’ll affect you far more than it will me… cuz every day you’re doing your biz without those frankly stellar increases in profit is a day you’re working harder than you need to for much less than you should).


P.S. FYI, the band is called The Hu, and I, for one, can’t wait for their album later this year.

Here’s their first song (as far as I know), Wolf Totem.

You can (and will) thank me later.


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